Be A Zombie

The founders of Confluence Productions, Ted E Haynes and Michael A Smith, have a passion for creative storytelling through filmmaking.  The two entrepreneurs have completed everything from short film projects for the 48 Hour Film Competition to creating independent documentaries and feature length narrative films.

In an effort to show their appreciation for all things zombie, the pair of originators has developed a zombie based short film festival.

The festival allows participants to submit a films with a zombie element that runs fifteen minutes or less in length.  The top ten films are chosen by the team at Confluence Productions and screen annually at a local Pittsburgh theater.  A winner is then selected by both guest judges and audience award, and both are awarded a cash prize as well as a spot at the Eerie Horror Film Festival.

CLICK HERE to visit our Withoutabox Festival page.

What makes this festival any different than the rest?  Those who decide to participate as audience judges, (show up and watch the top ten), will have the opportunity to be turned into a ZOMBIE.

Professional makeup artists will transform the audience into a pool of flesh eating zombies, or at least look like them!

We encourage everyone to get into the zombie spirit, whether you're a filmmaker or an interested viewer, join us at the Zombie Shorts Film Festival, and . . . BE A ZOMBIE!